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Title: We'll Run for Our Lives

Author: [personal profile] glitterwriter

Artist: [personal profile] valress She made an awesome mix for my story and a cover I just had to use as banner. I mean: look at it! It's beautiful! Thank you BB, it's always such a fun to work with you!!! <3

Beta(s): [personal profile] beniblue It was amazing to work on another vampire story with you! Thank you so much for your help and your input! <3

Type: Vampires

Word Count: ca. 30k

Rating: NC-17

Characters/Pairings: Tommy Joe Ratliff/OMC (Eric)

Content/Warnings/Enticements: Major Character Death/Rebirth, Vampires, Blood Drinking, HEA

Summary: Eric is a beautiful blond blue-eyed Viking vampire. Tommy is a talented warlock with mysterious brown depths to his eyes. Unlikely as it was, they were fated to meet. Could a vampire and a warlock fall in love?
It hardly ever happened before and probably never will happen again but for these two. Will their relationship last with so many differences and facing a horrible betrayal? Their worlds clash and fate deals them an ugly card that tears them apart.
Eric and Tommy’s story spans 200 years and counting. Their love knows no bounds of time, space, and adversity. If one man’s conviction in the witch’s enchantment is strong enough then they’ll meet again. Eric never gave up hope but will they find a way to make it work this time and find lasting happiness?

A/N: I am shamelessly stealing facts about my vampires from different books or series to mix them the way I need them. I used the timeline of events in 2010/2011 as much as it was working for my story.

No offense to any of the real persons I used to tell the story. I don't own them, I only own that story. I would like you to not tweet that fic to any of the persons you might recognize here.

And yes: completely AU, never happened, I am just telling you a fairytale ;)

A big thank you to the mods of TJRBB, it was amazing to be a part of that event again! :)

This is actually part 2 of my "Vampires and Mates" series, here is part 1 though part 2 can be read as without knowing part one.

Link to fic master post: AO3
Link to art master post: AO3 / LJ / DW


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